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Testimonials About the School To Success Program

Dr. Moses McCutcheon Jr. had teachers and parents share their experience with using his School To Success Education Program with youth in the community or in their family.  

School To Success

Powerful Testimonials

Anyone who takes the time to diligently read, apply, and work these instructions will get good results.

“Dr. Moses McCutcheon’s “Planning Today for Success Tomorrow” is useful for anyone seeking career guidance, and especially useful to middle school and high school students. The step-by-step instructions ranging from skill discovery, to building a career portfolio, to being computer literate are excellent. Anyone who takes the time to diligently read, apply, and work these instructions will get good results. Additionally, this book is rich in wisdom for effective living that will help the reader build character. Dr. McCutcheon has provided a wonderful tool to help people build good lives in a tough world. Dr. McCutcheon is a great guy, forthright and honest.”

From John B.


"A well-designed guidebook for anyone in school, Planning Today for Success Tomorrow, if applied as outlined is certain to lead to career advancement opportunities or enrollment in postsecondary institutions that move to rewarding careers. Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr. has brilliantly delivered a results driven and unique modus operandi targeted to improve performance in students." 

From Sudonna Moss Logan

Planning for Tomorrow’s Success 

Is an Essential Foundation

"Thanks very much, Dr. McCutcheon, for the life road map found in “Planning Today For Success Tomorrow”. This book is a tool I recommend for each and every young adult in America, to provide foundational preparation and success-thinking for a productive life. The Life and Career Plan and the Career Marketing Action Plan are two tools worth the investment of the book. These tools would have been a tremendous help to me in my own life journey for making the correct decisions at the right time. The best thing about this book is that parents and schools are encouraged to become stakeholders in the success of a young person’s life. This book is an excellent guide and resource. Thanks very much, Dr. McCutcheon, for the life road map."

From Frank Stokes - Stokes Pacifique Associates

Jumpstart Your Future...

"School to Success will give you essential guidance to plan for future prosperity. This course will help you to define and create actionable items as well as other skills to fulfill your personal goals. The skills I have gained from going through the program will remain with me throughout my professional career."

From Obi A.

Planning Today for Success Tomorrow

"I like this book because it teaches students how to choose their college or trade school major and career. It is a step by step guide that teaches skills that most students need. I know many people who could benefit from this book. Although, there are many career books on the market, none of them teaches the student how to choose a college or trade school major and career. Specifically, this book teaches how to connect one’s life purpose to career choices and explains how one’s talents, gifts, and special abilities can be used as tools to choose a college or trade school major. This book also teaches students how to prepare their first resume and create a resume packet and life plan. Overall, an excellent guide for parents, educators, and students!"

From Aletha F. McCutcheon

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