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Services Being Offered

Our Expertise

Youth Career Counseling

We offer College Prep. Counseling &  Career Guidance to youth and high school graduates. This training ensures college and career success through goal setting, planning strategies, and better understanding their abilities and talents. We also offer financial training to lay a strong foundation for the future.  We start working with students in middle school and follow them through high school, college, or trade school into adult life and beyond.

Adults Career Counseling

We provide Life & Career Guidance Series that ensures your college and career success through collaboration, networking, and supportive services. We now also offer Business Franchise Ownership for adults that want to work from home and build their own successful businesses. Click on the button below to learn more about we offer adults, schools, and organizations. 

Set Yourself Up 4 Success!

Purchase your very own copy of Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr.'s book called, "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow." This book has helped so many learn the art of planning, setting goals, and accomplishing new levels of success in their lives.  Click on the link below to learn more about this book and where you can purchase your very own copy.


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