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About Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr.

Developer of 

School To Success

About Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr.

Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr. is the CEO & Founder of School To Success Academy and School To Success Academy Centers. His many years of experience in education and counseling has allowed him to create these success-driven programs  and centers for youth and adults to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

 Moses  holds a Doctor of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s Degree in Administration from Pepperdine University with focus on life purpose/self-discovery, a Bachelor Degree in Business with focus on Entrepreneurship from Virginia State University and an Associate Degree in General Education from Fayetteville State University. 

He is an adjunct professor of management, leadership, entrepreneurship, policy, strategies and public relations at Webster University, Los Angeles Air Force base, and facilitator/consultant for the West Los Angeles College Business Entrepreneurial Stewardship Training Genesis Program. He teaches undergraduate and graduate classes using real-life case studies.

Moses is the author of the School-To-Success Series which include the School-To-Success Total Education Training System for K-12 students and family, "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow," and more than 17 custom-made life and career guidance training manuals and workbooks for youth and adults. He conducts ongoing case study research in the areas of education, community, and career issues. He does his community work through the Bethel Los Angeles (LA) Community Development Corporation and is a member of the American Seminar Leaders Association (ASLA), Bethel A.M.E. Church Los Angeles Board of Trustees, California State University African-American Imitative (CSUAAI), American School Counseling Association (ASCA) and a number of Internet career coaching forums.

Dr. McCutcheon is the Founder/Director of the School To Success Academy Center for Parents with Middle and High School students, Executive Director/Consultant for the Bethel Los Angeles Community Development Corporation (Bethel LA CDC), Founder/President of McCutcheon Research Global, and Founder of the School-To-Success Total Education Collaboration Network. He has a rich background and wealth of experience as a professor, author, life coach, corporate trainer, speaker, educator, career consultant, seminar leader, entrepreneur, retired military officer, and pioneer in the fields of career, education/technical education, business and life/work. 

He develops custom-made career planning training tools, materials, and programs for businesses and organizations. He specializes in life purpose/career guidance with emphasis on organizational leadership, team building, project development, project management, goal setting, planning, and entrepreneurship. His niche is helping people discover, live, and monetized their life purpose while still alive. He works with families with middle and high school students in their household, veterans, entrepreneurs, schools, colleges, universities, community based organizations, faith based organizations, and employers.

Dr. McCutcheon has 27 plus years of experience in self-awareness/discovery of life purpose as it relates to work and life. He is a National Seminar Leader and he has successfully trained and motivated more than 5,000 executives in the areas of personal development and career related issues, taught more than 250 entrepreneurs how to write effective business plans and spearheaded the creation of 13 entrepreneurial ventures within corporate structures. Additionally, he was responsible for the training, team building and project management of 315 employees and an $8 million foodservice account. He also served as team builder, business trainer, education liaison for Central Texas College Europe and Food Advisor/Executive Director for 55 foodservice sites, a $12 million operation in Germany. 

School To Success Training System, LLC


To empower 1 million families with teens (ages 12-19) and adults who are struggling with indecision about life, school, work and how to choose a college or trade school major and career with a return of 10% or more on their education investment within 1-3 years.

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