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Professionalism is very important when it comes to growing your business. People will judge you based off first appearances. You want to dress for success. Look nice, professional, well-groomed before going to meet with someone or being on a video call. For ladies that could mean taking some extra time for your hair and makeup.

But we also have to be knowledgeable and plan for what we will say, how we will present the product, whether through presentation pictures or through videos or through conversation. Practice your presentation until it becomes easy and natural to say. You can also access the scripts from your BACK OFFICE for more ideas on how to present this company and what it offers.


Communication is very important in business. You want to email a potential client and then when they say they want to enroll, send another email with the link to ENROLL in the company through your website. Once they are an AGENT or a Client or an Affiliate. You still want to send them regular communication emails to give them updates, to see if they have any questions or need help with anything, and to train them to be better agents or affiliates.

A successful team requires a strong foundation of communication and a well-planned strategy to keep everything moving smoothly. You can even organize your emails for enrolled clients in one folder, emails for agents in another mail folder, and your emails for affiliates in another folder, and a folder for potential client’s emails. To keep things better organized, you may need to have a business email address to use rather than your personal so you can find everything quickly and easily and keep it professional.


Hello Mary Smith!

Thank you so much for contacting me and letting me know that you are interested in finding out more about our company and how we can help improve your life and financial future. There are so many struggles that come with having a low credit score. Some of the greatest hurdles are getting a house, a car, or even a business loan.

With a great credit score, you will be entrusted with large financial endeavors that can change your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Here is a video that you will give you more information on what our company can offer you. Many have been able to reach their financial goals and have an amazing top credit score within 2-4 months, but the longer you stay with us, the greater the benefit it will be for you. We offer many financial services that can help you increase your credit score, protect your identity from theft, pay off debt, get rid of annoying creditors, prepare a will and trust, set financial goals, or even save for a big trip or event. Check out this video to find out what we can offer you.

UCES Protection Plan - Overview Team - YouTube

If you are EXCITED about the bright future ahead and this the awesome opportunity.

Click on the link below to enroll now:

(Your UCES Protection Plan website link)

There is no stress. If you are not satisfied with our services, you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me anytime at (Phone Number). I look forward to hearing from you.


Business Owner Name


Congratulations Mary Smith!

YOU have moved one step closer to being debt free, rebuilding your credit score, and protecting your identity. Thank you for entrusting us to guide YOU towards a perfect credit score, so you can get a car, a house, or even get a business loan. YOU are the priority of this equation. YOU need to be involved in this process and be apart of the accomplishments made in your credit score.

I have attached a video to give you more understanding of this process.


We are prioritizing your future. I hope this video has been very helpful to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Business Owner Name



Hello Mary Smith!

Thank you so much for contacting me and letting me know that you are interested in finding out more about our company and how we can help improve your life and financial future. There are so many struggles that come with having a low credit score. Some of the greatest hurdles are getting a house, a car, or even a business loan. We as agents have the opportunity to help people improve their lives and financial future, while also getting paid $100 for each person we enroll in the program as well as receive residual income monthly for as long as they are enrolled in the program.

If we bring an agent on the team. We can make money for each enrolled agent as well as a portion from every client that they enroll. The commission structure is unlimited. The more agents and clients you have under you, the greater your paycheck will be each week. And you

will also be receiving everything included in the Credit Restoration Plan.

With your enrollment, you are given your very own business websites; two fully built and ready to use websites that allow you to enroll clients and agents. You will have access to a BACK OFFICE that will give you everything you need to be successful. Scripts, powerpoints, video presentations, advertising materials, and so much more. FES/UWE wants you to succeed as passionately as you want to succeed. Their success is your success!!

I know agents that have only been with the company for 6 months and are already making over $7000 a week. FES/UWE has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, because they are well established, have integrity in their business dealings, and thousands of great reviews.


Whether you are working right now or unemployed, this is a great time to jump into this home based business opportunity and see how it can change your life and help you achieve those financial goals you have. I will be with you every step of the way on this journey, helping you to achieve your own personal success story.

Check out my website for more information on what this company can offer you. If your ready to become an AGENT, click on ENROLL on my website. 

(My Business Website Link)

For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at (Your Phone Number). I can't wait to hear back from you.


Business Owner Name




Are you looking for a side-gig or part-time job that can bring extra money every month, while working at your current job? I am hiring affiliates to sign-up clients for credit restoration. Whether you are working for a car dealership, a real estate company, a car rental agency, a bank loan agent, or an apartment leasing agent; this company can offer you a financially successful future.

You deal with clients all day long that you desperately want to help, but your hands our tied. Their credit scores are too low and so you can't risk giving them a car, an apartment, a loan, or a home. But what if you could offer them an opportunity to become a client of one of the top credit restoration companies? What if you could sign them up for an opportunity to fix their credit score and make a date to connect with them again in a few months to go over their newly found financial options.

This way you can get paid $50 per client you enroll in our credit restoration program, as well as keep your client on your list for a future purchase; whether for a car, a house, a loan, or an apartment.

This is a win-win situation for you and for the company that currently employs you. Now, you will be able to go out of your way to reach more clients with the services you offer, as well as help people reach their financial goals.

Signing up to be an AFFILIATE is completely free. All you do is enroll your clients in to our credit restoration company and receive a paycheck every week.

Enroll four people and receive $200

Enroll eight people and receive $400

Enroll ten people and receive $500

Enroll twelve people and receive $600

Enroll fifteen people and receive $750

And you can keep helping as many people as you want...and this is an unlimited success opportunity, because you will keep getting paid the $50 per person over and over again no matter how many people you enroll. You can double or even triple your income. We will give you everything you need to be successful at enrolling new clients into our program and you will keep receiving paychecks. And you can receive your paychecks through Cash App, PayPal, or other ways that are BEST for you.

Let me know if your interested, then I will be happy to sign you up for this position and train you for SUCCESS.

Business Owner Name

Business Owner Phone#

Business Owner Email

Your Website Link About UCES (What's Included Page)

Watch business training videos that will help you to learn how to effectively run your business and turn it into a successful income generating company.

Be Your Own Boss

Choose Your Own Schedule

Work from Home or Anywhere

Work around Your Family Life

Unlimited Income Potential

We are representatives of this company, which means that our level of professionalism is what others will see to determine the integrity of our business.

Having a business plan is crucial for your success. We set goals and then run to accomplish them. Having a plan written down will help you to stay motivated.

Study our companies outstanding compensation plan and download the information to share with your clients.

Organizing your business properly can set you up for success and help you to accomplish more while making less mistakes along the way.

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