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Establishing Your Business Plan

To be successful in any business, you first have to have a plan of action to be successful. You need to know your clients, agents, and affiliates on your you can properly stay in touch with them, train them, and give them more opportunities for growth and success.

You will either create your own success story or your own failure story; It all depends on if you have a plan, set goals, and have a strategy to follow. Here I am going to create a plan of action for you to implement in your business. All you have to do is make your list of goals and run to accomplish them.

Step One

Your goal is to get as many affiliates as you can in these fields, because they talk to potential clients everyday in their current work places. And many of them would love to make an extra income while helping people to improve their lives.


1. Car Salesman

2. Car Rental Agencies

3. Apartment Leasing Agents

4. Bank Loan Managers

On a regular basis, they check credit scores before they can offer their services. If the credit score is to low, they lose a potential customer as well as feel helpless to change the customer's financial situation.

You meet one on one with these possible agents/affiliates and let them know what you can offer them. I offered them $50 commission for everyone they enroll in the program through my business website.

That way they would be considered my Affiliate team member and would help me to sign up lots of clients and agents. They would get another source of regular income and be able to keep these clients for future purchases. If you can't meet with them in person, then you can send them an email, call them on the phone, or do a video conference on ZOOM. Check out my affiliate website pages to get more information on how to get affiliates on board with you.

It is a Win-Win situation for you and for them.

Step Two

Now that you know where to look for potential clients and agents locally. Your next step is to make a list of all the businesses in your area that meet this criteria. Go to their websites and research who are the employees at the company and what are their email addresses/phone numbers.

Then each day reach out to as many as you can with emails, phone messages, ZOOM presentations, etc. If it is too hard to get in touch with them, then go in person to the business and ask for a meeting with them. It is best to be in professional attire and have any materials with you that you want to present.

Take presentation materials with you. You print it off from your BACK OFFICE. Highlight what is important and show the information you feel most comfortable about sharing with the potential agent/affiliate.

Being an affiliate, there is no upfront cost. No expectations. No stress. And they can either give you referrals, by giving out your business card or by giving you the referrals name and phone number, but what is best is training them to get their referrals enrolled in the program through your UCES website.

You want them to have access to the best YouTube videos about the UCES overview and as much information as

possible to be able to persuade their customers to sign up with us, so they too can have a better financial future.

If they choose to become an AGENT. Then they will pay the $300 upfront cost (one-time) and after that $89 monthly subscription, until they ENROLL five people, then it will be free. They will have their own two new websites setup for them, their own side business, and be able to make all their customers into clients through their website. And you will still be getting a portion of the commission of your agent team member as they sign up new clients. This is where you create your residual income.

Step Three

(1) While working towards those goals in your local area, you can also be advertising locally on INDEED & Craigslist. There you can put up employer ads for people working in those industries and let them know they can have a side gig, or extra part time income, or an opportunity to

create wealth while working at their current job. If they are interested, they will contact you.

(2) You can also search for resumes of people in those fields and email them.

(3) Another option would be to put up FACEBOOK Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram, and YouTube videos to find people interested in getting their credit score restored or interested in having a work from home, be your own boss, make your own hours, JOB...

(4) Hand out your own business cards/brochures when you are in the city or at events.

(5) Wear a T-shirt that says NEED YOUR CREDIT FIXED talk to me. Want Your Own Business talk to me.

(6) When your sitting at a restaurant mention your credit score testimony to the waitress, at a coffee shop (talk to your neighbor), on a walk or at an event (find someone to talk to about how the credit restoration program has had a positive impact on your life.

Go to your Back Office for Advertisements you can use in your advertising and marketing strategies on social media. The more organized you are at running your business, the more success you will have. 

Keep track of how your advertising is working for you, so you know the BEST STRATEGIES you have found to reach people and keep doing that same strategy over and over again.

May you be blessed as you work and be a blessing to others. God bless!

Watch business training videos that will help you to learn how to effectively run your business and turn it into a successful income generating company.

Be Your Own Boss

Choose Your Own Schedule

Work from Home or Anywhere

Work around Your Family Life

Unlimited Income Potential

We are representatives of this company, which means that our level of professionalism is what others will see to determine the integrity of our business.

Having a business plan is crucial for your success. We set goals and then run to accomplish them. Having a plan written down will help you to stay motivated.

Study our companies outstanding compensation plan and download the information to share with your clients.

Organizing your business properly can set you up for success and help you to accomplish more while making less mistakes along the way.

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